Pictures from Moray LIBINDX

Libindx is the Local Heritage Service's index to sources of information about people, places and subjects relating to Moray. All indexed references to specific individuals, properties and subjects are included under their own unique reference number. Sources indexed include local government archives from the 13th century to 1975, local newspapers, gravestone inscriptions, non-established church records to 1855, architectural plans, books, family histories etc.

Regularly updated, the people index contains over 200,000 names and acts as an aid for genealogists tracing their roots in Moray as well as researchers into well-known Moravians such as Ramsay MacDonald or the Wolf of Badenoch.

The places index, as well as listing the plans from major architectural collections including the distillery plans of Charles Chree Doig, provides details of photographs and sources of histories of the many historic buildings in Moray such as Elgin Cathedral and Sueno's Stone.

The many diverse subjects indexed include sport, education, archaeology and highway robbery. Many of the items listed are taken from the local newspapers which date back to 1747.

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